So you're interested in a trial session in Kali at our school? Awesome! Our day for trial sessions is every Saturday from 14:30 to 17:30. That's right—make room for three hours on your calendar! The trial session lasts a total of six hours. In this time, we will give you an understanding of the basics that you can use to take part in our regular courses. After the second trial session, you will be prepared to join regular training in the following week.

Why is our trial session over six hours long? Because the quality of training is very important to us!

To live up to this standard and to increase your personal learning curve, it is important to us that we impart to you a solid understanding in areas of movement education and movement dynamics.
As soon as you understand the fundamental principles of these tools, you can learn more effectively in regular training and be a better training partner for others.
Our training is physically demanding, which is why we stress the importance of a solid foundation. 
During the trial session, I will make sure that your foundation is good enough to understand and internalize the moves and concepts we train during the week.

When it comes to stretching, core strengthening (squats, push-ups, planking, chin-ups, etc.), legwork, and punching, we will slowly introduce you to the basics at a relaxed pace so that you can develop a solid foundation in the movements from the very beginning—there is nothing worse for the body than repeatedly doing the wrong movements! This is how we can avoid injuries while giving you the opportunity to develop solid and structured knowledge of the mechanisms behind your own movements. 

It is with this knowledge that we introduce you to the movement dynamics of our Kali system. Kali is a weapons-based combat system. Our basic patterns of movement serve primarily to sidestep, parry, and counter cutting and stabbing weapons. You will learn how to recognize attacks and initiate your counterattack. To be able to recognize an attack, you will learn how to attack, yourself. This is why you will be instructed in handling weapons. Armed with one or two rattan sticks, you will learn how to perform one- and two-handed attacks. Through this, you will become familiar with an essential principle of Pekiti-Tirsia Kali: the best defense is a good attack. Weapons range between short, medium, and long weapons.

It is because our system places weapons in the focus of training that it becomes easier to defend against attacks without the use of weapons. Our weapon-free training is based on the same patterns of movement and fighting principles as training with weapons. As such, you will not need to learn new techniques for fights without weapons; at the same time, you will practice the same patterns of movement you would need for weapons training.
From light to strong attacks with slaps (hits with an open hand), we will show you what “hacks” (hits with the “body blade” of your forearm) and elbow hits are and how you can use them most effectively. Even though we mainly use our legs for movement, our system includes a series of effective kicks that you will also learn.
You will learn quickly how effective our system is through the seamless transferability of our weapons principles to weapons-free applications. The goal of our training is the ability to protect oneself from attacks of every kind—effectively and without compromise. The transferability of principles between techniques with and without weapons is the key to a steep learning curve, as the number of repetitions of a technique increases. As such, you will enhance your abilities in acting and reacting within the scope of self-defense. 

After two Saturdays (six hours) of training in preparation, you will be ready to take part in regular training and train with advanced members. 

Quality, sustainability, and health are very important to us, and with this period of preparation, we can adjust the introduction to the discipline according to your personal capabilities and prepare you for training in areas of health, success, and a good, long life.

Best wishes and see you soon!
Tuhon Dipita and Team

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